About Me


I have been a traveller for many years. I love journeys and new places. When I was younger I travelled to new places, mostly. Ireland, USA, UK, Zimbabwe and plenty around my home country of South Africa. Then I got married and relocated overseas, via the Middle East and then ending up eventually in my wife’s home country of New Zealand. I have been to India, and South Korea, and travel extensively to Australia.

4 kids and a mortgage later, my most important journeys nowadays are journeys of discovery through the growth and shepherding of myself and my family. What a privilege that is!

I work in Human Resources and have a passion for the potential that exists both within people, and in each and every situation. There is always an opportunity to grow and be better. I love helping people and organisations to find and exploit those opportunities.

I once had a dream of writing “Notes from the Road”… meanderings and discoveries that have meant something to me, and might mean something to others.

On these pages I will explore ideas around parenting, marriage, family and friends. I will also look at workplace issues that interest me where I feel I can add something of value. In this blog, my goal is very simple. I hope to reduce some basic life issues… things we all grapple with, that can feel so complicated sometimes – to reduce them to ideas and concepts that can easily be grasped and worked through. Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective and complicated issues can become simple. Hopefully I can contribute that to someone’s world, somewhere.

I am not a professional counsellor and make no pretense about that. But I love life, and I love people, and I love the idea that we can add value to each other.

I am unrepentantly a person of deep and strong faith, but I will write neutrally and always honestly, so that those with a different foundation can access these ideas freely.

If you would like to join me as I explore these ideas, it would be a privilege. Please follow me and lets see where this goes!

Blessings, and humble hopes for your journey to be rich and rewarding



1 Response to About Me

  1. Raymond Barnfather says:

    Hi Vaughan, what a privilege to read everything. I always said you were a special person. You should write a book?
    Trust you are all well? Take care and greetings.

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