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The Exquisite beauty of Innocence

  I’ve always been saddened by the title of the Don Henley song “The End of the Innocence”. I guess when I was growing up and in my single days, innocence was a passing phase, a “nice” concept that quickly … Continue reading

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The Miracle of the Moment

As grown ups, we so often lose the simple joy of the moment we are in. There is so much going on that requires planning. And it is all of course legitimate. Budgeting, home maintenance, business trips, school needs, you … Continue reading

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Who needs Peace-keepers!

I have spent the last few weeks experiencing different people’s resilience levels, as I have journeyed with them both at work and in personal circles. If we are getting angry often, or allowing small things to frustrate us, out of … Continue reading

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And yet, what we do does not define us…

Carl Sagan said that “We are stardust”. It’s a beautiful thought, that. It offers us a transcendence, an opportunity to romanticise about our identity, and for a brief moment in time, to be more than just 70 years of stuff. … Continue reading

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We are nothing but what we do.

I remember hearing once that “We judge ourselves by our intentions, but other people by their actions” As much as I hate to admit it, I have seen many people – including yours truly – do this. It’s funny that. … Continue reading

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What is better than getting what we want? Getting what we NEED…

Today in the workplace I was yet again exposed to the not-so-gentle art of manipulation. It has taken me a long time to realise that people who manipulate should be pitied, not criticised or judged. It was very easy, when … Continue reading

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Being Unpopular

My little ones don’t like going to sleep. Going to bed? Fine. Happy as Larry. But the sleep part? Not so popular… We can often have 2 kids egging each other on, and refusing to get some shut-eye, 2 hours … Continue reading

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The “Family-Centred Child” Model

I mentioned in a recent post the concept of the “family-centred child”. The opposite concept is that of the “child-centred family”. I thought I would revisit this to explain a bit more about what we as a family understand by … Continue reading

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Emotional Consistency – A Safe Place for the Little Ones…

I have discovered I am generally in danger of being either too kind, or too harsh, and I struggle naturally to find the balance. It takes constant effort and requires my on-going attention and caution. This is a source of … Continue reading

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Forgiveness and Consequences

I am the somewhat terrified senior occupant of an increasingly maniacal household of cat-fur-pullers, food-tossers, electric cable pullers, and table-top bungee experts. My beautiful daughter, the oldest, is about to turn 6, and then there is an awesome 4 year … Continue reading

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