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A Safe Place?

They say a ship is safe in the harbour, but a ship is not built for the harbour, it is built for the open sea… They also say one cannot discover uncharted shores, unless one loses sight of one’s familiar … Continue reading

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Finding a “gym” for our characters…

So, testing reveals character, and repeated testing builds character. The same way physical testing – an exercise routine, for example – conditions our bodies for a higher and more efficient level of exertion, so mental and emotional testing can build … Continue reading

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Who needs Peace-keepers!

I have spent the last few weeks experiencing different people’s resilience levels, as I have journeyed with them both at work and in personal circles. If we are getting angry often, or allowing small things to frustrate us, out of … Continue reading

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I have young children, of whom the two youngest are non-identical (and very different) twin boys. They mean the world to me, and my wife and I are constantly amused and inspired by their personalities and their challenges and the … Continue reading

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