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A Safe Place?

They say a ship is safe in the harbour, but a ship is not built for the harbour, it is built for the open sea… They also say one cannot discover uncharted shores, unless one loses sight of one’s familiar … Continue reading

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A Place in the World.

A few weeks ago, my father and I built a fence to make a play area safe from a potential fall down a bank. The first post was easy, and the second as well. No problem… The third post, however, … Continue reading

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Other ideas for taking your character to a gym

Forgive someone. Repeatedly. Be consistent emotionally, even when storms rage inside. Choose to lose a fight to honour the relationship Embrace someone – including their flaws – without criticizing. Find a way to bless the person you dislike or maybe … Continue reading

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All of us reach a place, at some point in our lives, where we are emotionally tired, drained, and questioning the wisdom of continuing with the thing that has made us feel like this. For some it is a job, … Continue reading

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The Art of “Yes”

I remember reading an article about that Drew Carey show “Whose Line is it Anyway?” it was about improvisation and apparently, the Golden Rule of multi-person (two or more people, obviously) improvisation is, quite simply, that one should never say … Continue reading

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I have young children, of whom the two youngest are non-identical (and very different) twin boys. They mean the world to me, and my wife and I are constantly amused and inspired by their personalities and their challenges and the … Continue reading

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Fit For Purpose…

In the old days, war was how things happened. It seems that that was what men did. Perhaps it was in self defence, perhaps in pursuit of glory and power. But historically, it seems the story of man is tied … Continue reading

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