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A Random Glimpse of Excellence

Yesterday I witnessed something beautiful and worthy of putting out there. Life takes many turns and we all go through some difficult stuff at times, and there are no exceptions. But occasionally the gods of providence allow us to overhear … Continue reading

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The “Murmuration” of Change

I have to admit, I’m always a little surprised at the degree of confidence with which companies enter into change or realignment programs. The statistics clearly show that a huge proportion of change programs fail, either completely or at the … Continue reading

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Here be dragons, and here be (hopefully) how to slay them

As HR Leaders, our portfolio includes many things but significantly, change management, cultural development and/or guardianship, and leadership development. We are often called out of the safety of managing processes and procedures (let’s be honest, that’s not really what drives … Continue reading

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8 simple ways to reduce stress

I have a few bad habits that can easily increase my stress levels, and a large part of managing my emotional and mental well-being is in dealing with these bad habits and other things, that add stress to what could … Continue reading

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A Safe Place?

They say a ship is safe in the harbour, but a ship is not built for the harbour, it is built for the open sea… They also say one cannot discover uncharted shores, unless one loses sight of one’s familiar … Continue reading

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20 things I have learned from marriage so far

I have learned that my wife’s trust is a thing never deserved but graciously given. And it must be nurtured like a fragile flower or it retreats to safety. I learned that creating a new normal for us was hard, … Continue reading

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All of us reach a place, at some point in our lives, where we are emotionally tired, drained, and questioning the wisdom of continuing with the thing that has made us feel like this. For some it is a job, … Continue reading

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