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8 simple ways to reduce stress

I have a few bad habits that can easily increase my stress levels, and a large part of managing my emotional and mental well-being is in dealing with these bad habits and other things, that add stress to what could … Continue reading

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A Place in the World.

A few weeks ago, my father and I built a fence to make a play area safe from a potential fall down a bank. The first post was easy, and the second as well. No problem… The third post, however, … Continue reading

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Other ideas for taking your character to a gym

Forgive someone. Repeatedly. Be consistent emotionally, even when storms rage inside. Choose to lose a fight to honour the relationship Embrace someone – including their flaws – without criticizing. Find a way to bless the person you dislike or maybe … Continue reading

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Finding a “gym” for our characters…

So, testing reveals character, and repeated testing builds character. The same way physical testing – an exercise routine, for example – conditions our bodies for a higher and more efficient level of exertion, so mental and emotional testing can build … Continue reading

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Fit For Purpose…

In the old days, war was how things happened. It seems that that was what men did. Perhaps it was in self defence, perhaps in pursuit of glory and power. But historically, it seems the story of man is tied … Continue reading

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