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The Art of “Yes”

I remember reading an article about that Drew Carey show “Whose Line is it Anyway?” it was about improvisation and apparently, the Golden Rule of multi-person (two or more people, obviously) improvisation is, quite simply, that one should never say … Continue reading

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What makes for a DEEP trust?

One of the things I have become very comfortable with in my life, is the idea of “truth in tension”. In an earlier blog I used the example of a violin to demonstrate that beauty is sometimes contained in the … Continue reading

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Can – and how – do we re-wire ourselves…??? The Mentorship Opportunity.

Different people are built differently, and we need to make a rational and considered decision about what is best for us and what is within our reach. That is not to say we are genetically boxed in from birth, but … Continue reading

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Email Etiquette…

OK, so this is mostly a work related post. And re-reading it, its not all that short. (Sorry!) I have been getting a little saddened lately by email etiquette, or the lack thereof, and how it impacts people at work … Continue reading

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A friend who could not be at my wedding sent a truly insightful and simple marriage greeting to my wife and I… he said, quite simply, in his card to us “Be kind to each other”. Trusting his wisdom and … Continue reading

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