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Thoughts on NZ Employment Laws and COVID-19

Employers changing their employees working conditions and pay during this COVID-19 lockdown are currently facing the greatest challenge to society and to business survival we have ever seen. Employees too, are standing on the brink of massive personal and financial … Continue reading

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What a year.

Usually, looking back on a year is something I leave to the bloggers and the self-absorbed. This time feels different. So, at the risk of being a self-absorbed blogger, let me just say that 2018 sucked in so many freaking … Continue reading

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Healing from our Hurt

A well known story: “A teacher was teaching her class … and gave them the following exercise to perform. She had the children take a piece of paper. Then she told them to crumple it up, stomp on it, and … Continue reading

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Absolutes. Non-Absolutes. Truth. Love.

Today I spent an hour with a trans person. I am not sure whether they were transitioning, or intersex. No matter. They were learning a new job, and I was the “guinea pig”. So we sat together for a while, … Continue reading

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Me and American Politics.

This is pretty long. No apologies, read or do not read, as you wish. It’s a sort of a “mea culpa”, and also a challenge to myself and others. I’m OK with that apparent contradiction. My interest in American politics … Continue reading

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Confrontation. It’s what happens! If you are breathing, you are probably in some kind of confrontation with someone somewhere.  A manager, a colleague, a competitor, a sports person, family member etc. If not today; then probably tomorrow or next week. … Continue reading

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A Random Glimpse of Excellence

Yesterday I witnessed something beautiful and worthy of putting out there. Life takes many turns and we all go through some difficult stuff at times, and there are no exceptions. But occasionally the gods of providence allow us to overhear … Continue reading

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