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The “Murmuration” of Change

I have to admit, I’m always a little surprised at the degree of confidence with which companies enter into change or realignment programs. The statistics clearly show that a huge proportion of change programs fail, either completely or at the … Continue reading


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Here be dragons, and here be (hopefully) how to slay them

As HR Leaders, our portfolio includes many things but significantly, change management, cultural development and/or guardianship, and leadership development. We are often called out of the safety of managing processes and procedures (let’s be honest, that’s not really what drives … Continue reading

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Some Ideas for a new approach to Personal Planning (a.k.a. New Years’ Resolutions)

New Year’s Resolutions are a funny thing. Most of us make them, but almost all of us fail to keep them. And we do so without a definite conscience, really. We pretty much have perfected the art of walking away … Continue reading

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There are no definitive statistics but the Internet and a few folks in the business that I know put the success of change initiatives in the low percentages – like, 15% or so. That means 85% of the not inconsiderable … Continue reading

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Corporate Change cannot happen without…

I love change, and variety and adrenalin. My first bungee jump was 216m (650ft) high in Bloukrans Gorge, South Africa. What a rush. My whole life I have had awesome fun doing new stuff and having fun. I have also … Continue reading

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