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Had a very interesting discussion yesterday about values, specifically “integrity”. This morning, an article in my email feed talked about Integrity being the number 1 corporate value. But what, actually, is a value? I have found that this is often … Continue reading

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Some Ideas for a new approach to Personal Planning (a.k.a. New Years’ Resolutions)

New Year’s Resolutions are a funny thing. Most of us make them, but almost all of us fail to keep them. And we do so without a definite conscience, really. We pretty much have perfected the art of walking away … Continue reading

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Emotional Consistency – A Safe Place for the Little Ones…

I have discovered I am generally in danger of being either too kind, or too harsh, and I struggle naturally to find the balance. It takes constant effort and requires my on-going attention and caution. This is a source of … Continue reading

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