Other ideas for taking your character to a gym

Forgive someone. Repeatedly.

Be consistent emotionally, even when storms rage inside.

Choose to lose a fight to honour the relationship

Embrace someone – including their flaws – without criticizing.

Find a way to bless the person you dislike or maybe have reservations about.

Learn to be happy completely independent of other people’s behavior.

Learn and become good at someone else’s love language.

Be the first to say sorry. Especially when you are right.

Judge yourself by your behavior not your intentions. Judge others by their intentions, not their behavior.

Make sure other people get the credit.

Clean up after someone else, and enjoy it as an act of service.

Keep promises to everybody. But especially to yourself, and don’t give yourself the luxury of an excuse.

Give up something you love, so that you can be generous with your time or money.

Sincerely compliment the team that beats your team.

Apologise to your child. On your knees and looking into their eyes.

Be kind. When they don’t deserve it.

Turn the other cheek.

Never deflect responsibility away from yourself.

Receive compliments graciously and without false humility.

Give compliments sincerely. And often.

Enjoy anonymity.

Choose truth, especially when it doesn’t make you look as good as you’d like it to.

Extend grace and love to someone who has hurt you.



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