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Values and Behaviour – a reflection on the Volkswagen tragedy.

As an HR practitioner, I have watched with interest not so much the media frenzy surrounding the Volkswagen debacle (although that has itself been instructive) but rather the company itself. It’s behaviour as an organization at this time is a … Continue reading

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Other ideas for taking your character to a gym

Forgive someone. Repeatedly. Be consistent emotionally, even when storms rage inside. Choose to lose a fight to honour the relationship Embrace someone – including their flaws – without criticizing. Find a way to bless the person you dislike or maybe … Continue reading

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And yet, what we do does not define us…

Carl Sagan said that “We are stardust”. It’s a beautiful thought, that. It offers us a transcendence, an opportunity to romanticise about our identity, and for a brief moment in time, to be more than just 70 years of stuff. … Continue reading

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We are nothing but what we do.

I remember hearing once that “We judge ourselves by our intentions, but other people by their actions” As much as I hate to admit it, I have seen many people – including yours truly – do this. It’s funny that. … Continue reading

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