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Me and American Politics.

This is pretty long. No apologies, read or do not read, as you wish. It’s a sort of a “mea culpa”, and also a challenge to myself and others. I’m OK with that apparent contradiction. My interest in American politics … Continue reading

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Redundancy Thoughts: The How

This post kind of takes the last two redundancy-related posts, and regardless of jurisdiction and statutory requirements, offers some thoughts and ideas around what would make such a devastating process a bit more bearable, by offering the affected employees some … Continue reading

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Redundancy Thoughts : Empathy

We HR folks are always running into extreme personality types, at one point or another. That’s the lot of a change agent. A CEO might view an organisation and see a group of people, with the ones he or she … Continue reading

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The Dragon called “Me”…

I have written this series using the allegory of a sailor sailing rough seas, and encountering Dragons, as depicted on those old nautical maps where the untraveled cartographer needed an excuse for his cluelessness; and I have offered thoughts about … Continue reading

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The Dragon called “Politics” and the Scabbard of Sincerity

A scabbard is the sheath for a sword. Made out of shaped wood and leather and worked metal, they are beautiful and functional, but play a lesser role to their glorious partner the sword. There is a legend, though that … Continue reading

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The other day I was made painfully aware of a personal shortcoming. I am sure it’s not the only one I have, but it is a biggie. I was advised, that under extreme stress, I am not always my usual … Continue reading

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We are nothing but what we do.

I remember hearing once that “We judge ourselves by our intentions, but other people by their actions” As much as I hate to admit it, I have seen many people – including yours truly – do this. It’s funny that. … Continue reading

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