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Core Values

Over the past few months, I have been thinking about some of my core beliefs in life, and whether they remain valid. Its good, in my mind, to never assume something to be always valid in the form that it … Continue reading

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Thoughts on NZ Employment Laws and COVID-19

Employers changing their employees working conditions and pay during this COVID-19 lockdown are currently facing the greatest challenge to society and to business survival we have ever seen. Employees too, are standing on the brink of massive personal and financial … Continue reading

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Me and American Politics.

This is pretty long. No apologies, read or do not read, as you wish. It’s a sort of a “mea culpa”, and also a challenge to myself and others. I’m OK with that apparent contradiction. My interest in American politics … Continue reading

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Confrontation. It’s what happens! If you are breathing, you are probably in some kind of confrontation with someone somewhere.  A manager, a colleague, a competitor, a sports person, family member etc. If not today; then probably tomorrow or next week. … Continue reading

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Incompetent and unaware…

There is a popular Internet meme out there nowadays: “The thing with death, is that no one knows they are dead. Everyone else knows, but the dead person has no idea… It is the same… with stupid”. I have just … Continue reading

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The spirit of a Great Heart…

As an African, there is a saying: “I was not born in Africa… Africa was born in me”. I know that no matter where we are from, we each feel a huge affinity for the land of our birth, but … Continue reading

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“Energy” is a “property of physical objects, transferable among them via fundamental interactions” “Energy” is “the ability to do work” “Energetics” – “energetics is concerned with seeking principles that accurately describe the useful and non-useful tendencies of energy flows” Our … Continue reading

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8 simple ways to reduce stress

I have a few bad habits that can easily increase my stress levels, and a large part of managing my emotional and mental well-being is in dealing with these bad habits and other things, that add stress to what could … Continue reading

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