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Thoughts on NZ Employment Laws and COVID-19

Employers changing their employees working conditions and pay during this COVID-19 lockdown are currently facing the greatest challenge to society and to business survival we have ever seen. Employees too, are standing on the brink of massive personal and financial … Continue reading

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Me and American Politics.

This is pretty long. No apologies, read or do not read, as you wish. It’s a sort of a “mea culpa”, and also a challenge to myself and others. I’m OK with that apparent contradiction. My interest in American politics … Continue reading

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Confrontation. It’s what happens! If you are breathing, you are probably in some kind of confrontation with someone somewhere.  A manager, a colleague, a competitor, a sports person, family member etc. If not today; then probably tomorrow or next week. … Continue reading

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Incompetent and unaware…

There is a popular Internet meme out there nowadays: “The thing with death, is that no one knows they are dead. Everyone else knows, but the dead person has no idea… It is the same… with stupid”. I have just … Continue reading

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The spirit of a Great Heart…

As an African, there is a saying: “I was not born in Africa… Africa was born in me”. I know that no matter where we are from, we each feel a huge affinity for the land of our birth, but … Continue reading

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“Energy” is a “property of physical objects, transferable among them via fundamental interactions” “Energy” is “the ability to do work” “Energetics” – “energetics is concerned with seeking principles that accurately describe the useful and non-useful tendencies of energy flows” Our … Continue reading

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8 simple ways to reduce stress

I have a few bad habits that can easily increase my stress levels, and a large part of managing my emotional and mental well-being is in dealing with these bad habits and other things, that add stress to what could … Continue reading

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