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Absolutes. Non-Absolutes. Truth. Love.

Today I spent an hour with a trans person. I am not sure whether they were transitioning, or intersex. No matter. They were learning a new job, and I was the “guinea pig”. So we sat together for a while, … Continue reading

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20 things I have learned from marriage so far

I have learned that my wife’s trust is a thing never deserved but graciously given. And it must be nurtured like a fragile flower or it retreats to safety. I learned that creating a new normal for us was hard, … Continue reading

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How the barrel of a gun breathed life into me.

This post is a response to a beautiful post by Dr Kelly Flanagan on the Website “Untangled” (www.drkellyflanagan.com) The post is called “The only two things you’ll ever need to know about people” (http://drkellyflanagan.com/2013/10/16/the-only-two-things-youll-ever-need-to-know-about-people/) He inspired me with a  simple … Continue reading


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One part me, and one part you.

Of course, the reason most of us fight, is because one of us thinks we’re right and the other one is wrong. In my case, of course, I am always right, which makes it very difficult for me to understand … Continue reading

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