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20 things I have learned from marriage so far

I have learned that my wife’s trust is a thing never deserved but graciously given. And it must be nurtured like a fragile flower or it retreats to safety. I learned that creating a new normal for us was hard, … Continue reading

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I was reminded the other day of my travels in India. We were driving through the ghettos of Mumbai. Our host was an Indian businessman who had made many millions of dollars in the recruitment industry. Why this story springs … Continue reading

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The Art of “Yes”

I remember reading an article about that Drew Carey show “Whose Line is it Anyway?” it was about improvisation and apparently, the Golden Rule of multi-person (two or more people, obviously) improvisation is, quite simply, that one should never say … Continue reading


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Fit For Purpose…

In the old days, war was how things happened. It seems that that was what men did. Perhaps it was in self defence, perhaps in pursuit of glory and power. But historically, it seems the story of man is tied … Continue reading

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