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Employee Engagement – we are doing it all wrong…

I am reading more and more articles beginning to debate the value of employee engagement initiatives, and more recently, the wasted money, time and effort that companies spend on trying to improve employee engagement. It is an interesting conundrum that … Continue reading

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20 things I have learned from marriage so far

I have learned that my wife’s trust is a thing never deserved but graciously given. And it must be nurtured like a fragile flower or it retreats to safety. I learned that creating a new normal for us was hard, … Continue reading

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A Note for New Fathers of Multiples

I wrote this as a basis for a chat to some new fathers of multiples. Then I thought, you know, maybe there are some others out there who don’t have the benefit of a Multiple Birth Club to provide support … Continue reading

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The Miracle of the Moment

As grown ups, we so often lose the simple joy of the moment we are in. There is so much going on that requires planning. And it is all of course legitimate. Budgeting, home maintenance, business trips, school needs, you … Continue reading

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I have young children, of whom the two youngest are non-identical (and very different) twin boys. They mean the world to me, and my wife and I are constantly amused and inspired by their personalities and their challenges and the … Continue reading

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