My Christianity and Gay Marriage

What the Supreme Court has said (and this is only important to us because the world seems to follow America’s lead) is that the right to marry anyone, is institutionalised as fair and just in terms of the law of the land (of America). It has no bearing on Christianity, and no bearing on Christians. Unless, of course, Christians need the protection and the endorsement of their government. And can only find this in a government that espouses and embraces Christian values.

Christianity, as I understand it, is a fringe movement. We are not supposed to be the government of the day. We are not supposed to be popular. We are not supposed to be “trendy”. Christianity is by all accounts, a faith for those willing to stand up and be counted as loving people regardless of what those people do or believe. Stand up and be counted as looking past what people do, to who they are. Stand up and be counted as seeing people through Gods eyes, as precious and sacred and beautiful.

Its natural, if one is raised in a Christianity that is afraid of diversity, and seeks to judge it and obliterate it, that the Supreme Court decision in America regarding marriage equality will cause a huge “disturbance in the Force”. It seems that Christianity – Christians, actually – have a choice to make. I have not painted my Facebook profile rainbow colours, but this decision does not disturb me as it does some.

I don’t care if gays get married or not. I don’t care if the government embraces it or not. (and when I say I don’t care, I don’t mean “I don’t give a damn”. I mean it’s not relevant to my world. I do care, in that I can imagine that finding happiness in this hard world is tough enough already, and people who are different to me should be free to find whatever form of happiness they can. Right or wrong is an absolute fact which will be declared one day, and not by me) I care if we as believers can love them or not. I care if we can look indiscriminately with eyes of love on everyone. Sexual behaviour around the world has always been and will always be, different to how the Bible says it should be. Nobody appointed the church – or Christians – as judge, jury and executioner. We are appointed to be witnesses, examples, and beacons of hope.

Our opinions on these matters are pointless. And arrogant. What we believe is for us and our community to share. For those outside our community, our opinions is irrelevant at best, usually hurtful, and at worst bigoted and hateful. We are not meant to be bigoted or hateful. We are meant to be full of love, peace, and joy. Patient, and kind people. Good, faithful, gentle, and self controlled. And the Bible is very clear that humility is a God-like quality, so that can be included here too…

It is not my – or our – responsibility to try and change people, or to tell them that they are right or wrong. Only to love them because of their value to God. The same reason we love other Christians, and our own family. Because they are precious to the Most High and He has given them to us. And through loving them to increase the chances that they will view God differently, and seek Him out, because of the example we set.

To all my gay friends and colleagues. Congratulations on your changed circumstances. May you find happiness and joy. But lets face it, marriage is no guarantee of joy, or happiness, or eternal bliss. Christians and non-Christians alike are getting divorced at equal rates – 60% or so. Marriage is hard, and living with someone so intimately, whether they are the same gender as you or not, is one heck of a challenge.

I can safely guarantee that marriage will not be the place you find joy or eternal bliss. You may find equality there, but that will probably be about all.


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2 Responses to My Christianity and Gay Marriage

  1. Steve says:

    Hey Vaughan. You are so right. In my opinion there is much more to marriage than what mankind has made it to be. God’s grace is above His creation. The bottom line is that Jesus Christ showed us the heart of God, and that is to love unconditionally. The outcome of that love is the restoration of God’s creation.
    Steve Haffner

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