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The “Family-Centred Child” Model

I mentioned in a recent post the concept of the “family-centred child”. The opposite concept is that of the “child-centred family”. I thought I would revisit this to explain a bit more about what we as a family understand by … Continue reading

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Emotional Consistency – A Safe Place for the Little Ones…

I have discovered I am generally in danger of being either too kind, or too harsh, and I struggle naturally to find the balance. It takes constant effort and requires my on-going attention and caution. This is a source of … Continue reading

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Forgiveness and Consequences

I am the somewhat terrified senior occupant of an increasingly maniacal household of cat-fur-pullers, food-tossers, electric cable pullers, and table-top bungee experts. My beautiful daughter, the oldest, is about to turn 6, and then there is an awesome 4 year … Continue reading

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Building a new “normal” for our children

“Give me a child until he is 6, and he is mine for life” – Karl Marx. That speaks volumes about the importance of the early years, and lays down a serious challenge for us as fathers and mothers. 6 … Continue reading

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