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Redundancy Thoughts: The How

This post kind of takes the last two redundancy-related posts, and regardless of jurisdiction and statutory requirements, offers some thoughts and ideas around what would make such a devastating process a bit more bearable, by offering the affected employees some … Continue reading

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Redundancy Thoughts : Empathy

We HR folks are always running into extreme personality types, at one point or another. That’s the lot of a change agent. A CEO might view an organisation and see a group of people, with the ones he or she … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Accountability

Every time I read about accountability in the media, its about someone holding someone else accountable for the bad/naughty/inconsiderate thing they have done. We have a watchdog mentality, where someone, or some group of people, seems to be designated to … Continue reading

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The sad sad story of Walter, Floyd, Bill and Rolf.

I am an African. Boldly and unashamedly so, and as I have said, Africa runs in my blood. Deep and unrelenting. This week the most imperial symbol of my continent has been thrown into the spotlight, not as a source … Continue reading

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My Christianity and Gay Marriage

What the Supreme Court has said (and this is only important to us because the world seems to follow America’s lead) is that the right to marry anyone, is institutionalised as fair and just in terms of the law of … Continue reading

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The Dragon called “Me”…

I have written this series using the allegory of a sailor sailing rough seas, and encountering Dragons, as depicted on those old nautical maps where the untraveled cartographer needed an excuse for his cluelessness; and I have offered thoughts about … Continue reading

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The Dragon called Vindication and the Helmet of Humility

As colours go, black and white are very simple. Put next to each other, there is no confusing anything. This one, white. That one, black. And here is the line between them. Very nice, very organised. Very good. People aren’t … Continue reading

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